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Yesterday, to my surprise, I found this great new toy packaged at my doorstep when I got home from work!  It was a Jackson Kayak Levator Mount, so I had to get the GoPro out to try out the new setup!!  I was fortunate to win this great new product from Jackson Kayak at the JK Team Summit in a Hometown Throwdown style prize drawing!  I’m use to giving out prizes like this from all the various events I have organized and hosted for World Kayak over the years, but it was awesome to be on the receiving end of the prize drawing for the first time in a while!

The JK Levator Mount for a GoPro camera is super easy to use and setup on your kayak!  There is a very informative set of instructions and tips that come with the product to help you get the mount setup.  But all you really need to do is hook the thumb screw to one of your kayak grab loops, tighten the thumb screw down to make the  mount snug to the kayak deck and then install your GoPro camera to the mount at top the pole with the thumb screw provided with your GoPro camera.  That’s it!!  In less than 30 seconds you are setup and ready to film from some very unique perspectives!

As a precautionary word of advice about safety for this product, I would suggest only using this mount on runs that you are already familiar with due to its protrusion.  You don’t want to flip much with this mount in shallow whitewater to avoid the risk of losing your camera if it were to snag on the river bottom and shear off of the mount; Which I have known to happen before.  Also be very mindful of strainers or low hanging undercuts that might be on runs your are filming with this mount.  The mount is a 24″ protrusion behind you and it can’t duck as low as you probably can…

The Levator Mount will fit most all kayaks with a solid grab handle or security bar.  Please note that JK does not suggest that you use the mount on their 2010 and earlier kayak models with the soft grab loops.  However, I did try it out on my MonStar with soft grab loops and it seemed to secure well to the deck.  Some field testing will have to occur to be sure. 😉

I’m really looking forward to getting this Levator Mount setup out on the river to get some great shots!