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Hey guys,

so we are up in Sweden, Karlskrona archipelago. And here comes devilish wind. At around 20 metres per second it was impossible to fish from a kayak. Mind you we did try 🙂

This is 20km/sec wind in Karlskrona… the Kilroy held its own, did not take any water. The Big tuna gave me the workout of my life

So we decided to change location. We went a bit north and joined Anton Tsvetkov, our Swedish JK team connection. The plan was to hit a lake in his area where pikes grow big and, more importantly, the wind does not affect the lake too much.

First day on the lake was tough fishing, but we got our hands on some nice fish.

Landing and unhooking pike is much easier on the Kilroy, you do not need to reach far to get the fish

The pikes here in the lake were really dark in color. Almost black, with beautiful black marks on the belly. Great fish. Next day, Jakub Kabat, a fellow JK teammate, landed a nice one from his Kilroy. We knew the lake holds fish up to 20kgs so every bite was full of expectations. But our biggest was a 90ish pike. We are coming back to try for the big black pikes again.

Black beauty