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We just finished up the 5th Stage of the Whitewater Grand Prix. It was the last freestyle event on such an amazing feature. It felt like a slightly smaller but faster Skookumchuck wave. The format was everyone got four 1 minute rides, with your best ride counting. Out of your best ride only your best 6 tricks counted which was to entice the athletes to go bigger to separate the scores.

With such an amazing wave and such high level of paddlers it was just incredible to watch. So many people throwing down such great rides with huge tricks and sweet combos. I was glad I didn’t have to be one of the judges because I am sure it would have been a tough competition to judge.

At the end of the day I was able to just barely squeeze in front of Dane Jackson for the first place seat, followed by Bryan Kirk in 3rd, Mathieu Dumoulin in 4th and Rush Sturges in 5th.

Here is a video from the comp and the list of results:



1- Nick Troutman

2- Dane Jackson

3- Bryan Kirk

4- Mathieu Dumoulin

5- Rush Sturges

6- Joel Kowalski

7- Devyn Scott

8- Bren Orton

9- Kalob Grady

10-  Gerd Serisoles



1- Adriene Levknecht

2- Marriann Saether

3-Martina Wegman

4-Sandra Hyslop

5- Hannah Kertesz