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Up until now my methods for pike fishing have been confined to live and dead baiting along with a wide variety of lure fishing. Friends of mine had been telling me that there was nothing like the thrill of catching pike on a fly. Time to find out.

I decided to give it ago and suffered the excitement of getting together a new set of gear that we all enjoy, I brought a Vision 9ft 9 weight, a Wychwood 9/10 cassette reel and as my main line a Rio Outbound Short 9weight. I rigged with a knot table soft wire trace and had a selection of flies.

As advised I had a few trips out to get used to casting the big pike flies often called ‘budgies’ as they are so big and fluffy. It was a steep learning curve but practice certainly helps. I was ready!

I headed for a favourite venue of mine know to hold a large number of pike.

The launch spot is nice and easy.



As you head out on the lake you cannot help but to feel the excitement rising.



I have a favourite area on the lake where there are overhanging trees and rushes, At this time of year the pike are often still gathered in the shallower water after spawning. It was worth a try.

It was the right decision. After casting into a shallow area between two willow trees I soon had my first pike on the fly and into the yak.

And they kept on coming. Here is a selection of fish.


I always ‘chin’ all my fish at the side of the kayak and this is made even easier when there is a fly with just a single hook instead of a couple of trebles flying around. Just be careful thou as the slightest nick from those teeth penetrates with ease.


And when sitting side saddle they often run straight at your kayak and if your leg gets in the way…..OUCH !!!


After three trips I ended up with 24 pike with the biggest two being over 14lbs. The flies that scored are below with the top two roach imitation being the stars.


I think you can say I am well and truly hooked on fly fishing for pike. Watching them chase the fly in clear water is such a buzz. If you haven’t tried it yet give it a go. You will not regret it.