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This was my very first kayak bass fishing tournament other then the online ones that I have done. There were a little over 15 anglers which made it a awesome event and a tough one at that.

Conditions were tough !
25mph winds and super muddy water which made paddling, casting, and staying in one place not an easy task. To start the tournament we all put in next to the RT 30 bridge, which seemed like a awesome spot to start searching for some smallies. However that was not the case, I fished every part of the bridge from one side down to the other and didn’t even get a bite :/ Definitely wasn’t off to a good start. So I decided to paddle down river where there were some nice rocks and ledges, but no luck there either.. I was thinking to myself, where are theses FISH and I made a move to the banks and as soon as I did that, bam my first fish! Barely making the legal limit of 12″ it was 12.50″ which put me in 3rd place. I still needed 2 more fish for my limit.

So i kept fishing the banks down to a creek that I have fished before. I made it to the creek and within two or three cast I hooked my 2nd fish 😀 coming in at 13.50″ I was stoked at this point cause nobody was really catching much.

I decided to stay there for 2hrs and caught a couple more fish but nothing that was the legal size. With 2 hrs left and I was struggling to get my 3rd fish. It’s all I needed to get in to 1st. I made the move in to the main river and it was brutal like bay conditions.. I knew of another creek down below were we needed to take out at, but was worried about not making it back to the take out in time. But decided to risk it for the 3rd fish and hopefully 1st place. 😀 And let me tell you what it was worth it!! With the first cast I had my 3rd fish (16.50″) !! Snapped the picture and it was time to haul it back to the take out to add up everyones totals.

Though it all the coosa is machine ! taking rough water and bad winds i was very pleased !!!!

The Results

1.Chris Watts

2. Robert Jost

3.Michael Rowe

4. Braedon Cupp

5.Jim Dutt