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Dave Grigsby from Kayak Connection called me on Friday and said my new all black Jackson Kayak Cruise12 had just arrived in his Moss Landing shop!

Ran down after work and picked up the sleek sexy stealth yak, got her home and set up my FishFinder and went to bed early with dreams of fishies dancing in my head.

Picked up my buddy Joe at his house at 5am and we were paddling out at sunrise.

Wind was calm, but there were some sizeable swells rolling through that made diving sporty even at depth…

Our first spot wasn’t very productive, but I picked off a few blacks for the fryer before moving.

Second spot I got a nice 19 inch olive right off the bat, then two 26 inch Lings, followed shortly by a TOAD of a cabbie!!

Just a hair under 24 inches, 9 pounds, and my personal best.

After the cab I spent some time searching for the crack where I got a nice male sheephead a few weeks ago. Found it and had Joe mark it on his GPS, and even though the crack was empty this time there was a MASSIVE Octopus in a hole just to the left that Joe and I both spent some time checking out…thing was scary huge!!

Joe was feeling seasick and I had enough fish so we paddled back in, spent some time playing in the shallows inside the cove and then met up with our buddy Dennis and his boys and some friends at the beach.

Fried up the Rockies for tacos, enjoyed the sun, a few beers and the good company before heading home .

Great day, and I really enjoyed paddling and diving off my new Cruise12 and am looking forward to many more adventures with her in the future!!!

Here’s a vid and some pics…at the end of the vid you can see the size of some of the sets that came through offshore…