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Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! It was 3am and my alarm was going, I snuck downstairs quietly as not to wake my girlfriend, drove through the city to my garage and packed up my gear passing everyone as they left the nightclubs staggering up the road. I wanted to be on the water for civil twighlight at 4am in time for sunrise at 4.50am. I had my favourite bay in Loch Lomond in mind.

I met my mate Dan on the bank and we paddled out. It was nice and calm with a wee gust here and there and thankfully it was quite cool, it had been really warm the past few weeks and the water temp was really heating up.

We paddled up to a bay I had been fishing previously and had previously been successful. It was quite slow but we were bagging up on perch and roach but not to any size at all.

We then moved down to the bottom of the loch where the river runs out to the Clyde. I cast out my rod to start trolling back when straight away I was into a nice fish. At first I thought it was a trout but instead was a perch of around 1lb. There were loads of fish in the water and some giant boats and ferries passing us.

Dan was first into a small pike and then a perch.

Myself, well I was more interested in another perch. We floated up and down the river catching tiddlers when all of a sudden I seen a big black shadow under my boat. Unfortunately this was no salmon or pike but instead an otter that popped his head up about 2 meters from my kayak, had a sniff and dissappeared to never be seen again.

By this point we were both shattered with the early start and decided to call it a day.

Great days fishing and company on Loch Lomond as usual.