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When I first purchased my Big Rig it’s main purpose and function was to be my primary musky fishing vessel. The water here in WV has been marginal at best since the beginning of summer and I hadn’t gotten a chance to get my boat into any of my local musky haunts yet.

That all changed over the weekend when I was finally able to get it down the bank and into one of my favorite stretches for small creek musky fishing.

I predominantly fly fish for most species but over the past few years I have slowly been going back to my roots and just fishing with whatever works wether it be with my gear rods or my fly rods. This weekend however was going to solely be a fly fishing trip to put the boat through the paces and see how it preformed.

Let me start out by saying I didn’t catch any fish. So if that’s all you’re interested in read no further. I had one opportunity on a fish that came in “hot” on the figure 8 and after several follows through the turns just lost interest and slowly swam away.

However the good and most exciting part about the trip this weekend was the performance of the boat. The Big Rig was made to be stable and a stand up fishing platform and it does that remarkably well….even while whipping a 11wt fly rod with a 13 inch fly attached to it. Not once did I feel unsafe or unstable standing up and casting and stripping the fly back to the boat.

This boat is also extremely roomy and has plenty of storage which I took complete advantage of by hauling all my flies, gear rod, plugs, and my giant musky net. I think I even still had some space left over!

One thing that I noticed and really loved about fishing out of this boat for musky is that the baits and flies you fish for this fish with have a lot of water resistance and tend to pull you through the water. With the Big Rig being so wide it was able to balance that out perfectly and with each cast stripping the fly back to the boat it was able to pull me right along and I was able to use my casts as a “motor” of sorts. In reality I did very little paddling except for the few times that I paddled in between spots.

In closing I am completely satisfied with the Big Rig and think it is an excellent musky fishing kayak. I can’t wait to actually finally land one with it and report back to you all with a nice picture of my ugly mug holding a big fish! Until then I’ll keep making more of my 10,000 cast in hopes that one of those is the one that a big girl finally decides to eat.