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I recently got the opportunity to teach some playboating and river running clinics on the South Fork American River for an organization called SheJumps. The purpose of SheJumps is to increase female participation in outdoor activties, and throughout the weekend we got an upwards of 20 girls in kayaks. We had girls who had never been in a boat, girls who just wanted to improve their skills, and girls who wanted meet others females who like the outdoors. It was a great event.

If you don’t know about SheJumps. . . check out their website. If you are a female who likes the outdoors. . . get involved. They have meet ups and clinics for kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and everything else “under the sun”. . . literally.

SheJumps is your chance to get involved with the life you’ve always dreamed of, and share the one you’re living with females in your local community and all over the world. I am definately looking forward to next years event and getting more girls “out there”.

Jessica Yurtinus
Reno, NV