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The large Antix got up here in Maine the same time a winter vacation I was planning on dedicating to snowboarding. It has been warm and rainy and the atlantic ocean has been cooperating so off we went to Blue Hill Falls.


I didn’t think this boat would surf the top wave at Blue Hill but it did and shredded the second wave too. The Antix really worked out well in a rapid usually paddled with longboats only. Stable and easy to paddle, quick to get up to speed. Surfing loosely with cutbacks on demand.


One of the funnest parts of Blue Hill Falls is stern squirting down the eddy line. The Antix ripped it up there getting vertical and spinning its way downstream.


This boat would be a great beginner to expert boat to paddle, doing all kinds of fun stuff or just being a confident upright paddle downriver.

I can’t wait to get it out more.

DSC05610 DSC05693 DSC05701