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I recently had to joy of taking the JK Antix down the Grand Canyon on a 13 day raft support trip. Our launch date was Dec. 21 (the shortest day of the year). My first time paddling the Antix was the day we launched. I was a little worried about how the Antix L would handle a big guy (6′ 0” 225lbs). The Antix fit perfect. Plenty of foot room for my size 12 Rasslers and enough room in the stern for my first aid kit, breakdown paddle and a stow float with Christmas presents in it. I also kept an Ocoee bag between my legs for my lunch, snacks, and stuff I might need during the day.

We were doing a relatively short trip, which meant some days we would have to paddle 20+ miles to get to our next camp. Even with all the miles we paddled each day, I never regretted my boat choice. The GC has a lot of so called “flat water.” Flat water in the Canyon consists of confused currents going in every direction. A seam of converging currents was always available to drop the stern into. There was never a boring moment. The speed of the Antix, combined with the volume and rocker of the bow, kept me in control and moving down stream in the big rapids. Here’s a short video I put together of my trip.

The Antix may be the perfect kayak for a raft support Grand Canyon trip. Get one and try it out for yourself!!
Brandon Beaty