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A few years ago I think I saw video of somebody running the Green River Narrows with an inflatable doll in the front cockpit of their 2-person boat. As somebody who has always loved paddling the Dynamic Duo tandem kayak made by Jackson Kayak, I was intrigued and thought that one day I might enjoy paddling whitewater in the Dynamic Duo without a passenger.

We’ve been lapping the South Fork of the Payette which normally is a fun Class 3/4 run. As it’s currently approaching flood stage, I think you have to call it Class 4/5. It’s incredibly fun right now. A run that can normally take almost two hours is pushing downstream in just over 25 minutes. I brought the tandem kayak up thinking that one of my friends may want to paddle with me, or that maybe I might want to try it out by myself like I had seen in that video years before.

Nobody seemed excited or willing to paddle with me, so I gave it a shot. It went about how I expected, although I hoped to avoid rolling but I did flip in the last rapid. Check out the video below.

Be safe this spring!

-Micah Kneidl