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I recently had the opportunity to paddle my C1 Antix down the Cascades of the Nantahala. It was my first time on the Cascades and my first time creeking in the Antix. The water was high and pushy at 400 cfs, but I instantly felt stable in the boat. It busted threw the entrance hole at The Horns of God, squirting me threw it with speed and I was able to carve into a really good boof. The slide at Big Kahuna was an adventure. The boat handled the entrance boof smoothly and sent me into the slide where I plugged the lead in hole and got spun out. The stability of the Antix along with the slicey stern allowed me to stern pivot a full 360 and set me up for a great boof off the spout. I really appreciate the ability to dip the stern while boofing, it really helps to get the bow up. The Antix treated me really well and I would highly recommend it as a great all round boat. I like the flat hull because it’s it stable and loose, it boofs really well and the stern helps you accelerate through holes. I look forward to taking the Antix down the Green soon. C-1 B-1

– Landon Miller