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For a while I’ve had a Karma/UL sitting idle only getting used every once in a while for a race or long section of flat water. Up until now the hardest section I’d paddled it on had been Gore. While gore is a fun run there aren’t many tight, must make moves. A couple days ago we were going for a run on Clear Creek, while loading boats I noticed the long boat sitting against the house. He looked a bit sad… so I put him on the car.

It took a little while to get used to tuning and not spinning out when the bow crosses an eddy line or hits a swirly. After figuring out how to use the edges to my advantage it was way easier to enjoy the run. Having all the extra speed provided by 11 feet of boat makes getting over rocks and catching air off them super fun. Skipping out of drops is kind of ridiculous and sometimes gets you plastered on the riverbank when you’re not edging. Of course the long stern is harder boof, but a little bit of speed and the boat bridges almost every hole so you wont get stuck.

Super glad I took the UL out for a spin. Having twice the boat makes the run almost twice as fun.