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Basically because it will ruin your perception of all other rivers as the salmon river is one spectacular section of whitewater which has almost everything you could ever want in a river. The main Salmon has large safe rapids, spectacular scenery, wilderness adventure and just an expedition that you will never forget ever.

A video from the trip.

I was fortunate to be a part of the last Expedition with Falling Creek Camp that took 22 young and excitable kids to the main salmon river a week ago. We flew into Salmon via small planes and started our adventure on what is known as the river of no return, called this as early settlers used to paddle the section in rafts made from fallen trees, find somewhere along the river that they were happy to call home, pull up and disassemble their rafts to make cabins. What an adventure.

Most of the days are spent paddling miles and miles of awesome whitewater with fantastic wave trains, pushing out nearly 100 miles for the entire expedition.

The whitewater is very consistent and at a level of around 9000 cfs, there are wave trains for days. It’s a mucho move heaven, I’ve never seen so many kids throw so many mucho moves. If you can, try to get on this river over 6000, you won’t be disappointed.

Now if you ever are thinking of heading out to the Salmon I start strongly urge that you do it. Don’t sit back and wonder what if, get off your comfy couch and take it on. You won’t forget it.

Here are a couple of blogs from some of the campers on the trip.

Max F
The last rays of sun on our final full day on the river I slowly beginning to disappear behind the mountain tops. Although I am sad to leave this amazing place I’m even more excited for the future. This expedition has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. Our world champions are about to conquer 94 miles of white water in the true wilderness of Idaho . It has been an incredible experience to be completely self supported with no connection to the outside world. The other night, a few of my friends and I hiked up to the nearest mountain top for you that top and already outstanding one. From the peak we could see for miles and miles, all around pristine untouched land. It is truly humbling to paddle between these ancient Mountain Giants and through the water that has been flowing for thousands of years. Psalm 133, A section of the Bible well known among Falling Creek campers states, ‘is behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to do well together in unity.’ I look around this white sandy beach and I see my brothers, even those I only met six days ago. This was in fact the adventure of a lifetime, and I will forever look back on this trip with fond memories.

As I said here by the fire on our final night in the Idaho will Denise, I reflect on this trip as well as others. This has been my third expedition now and I have been to some of the most awesome rivers in the world. I can’t think of many other programs where kids can experience such scenic rivers in places such as coaster Rica, Canada, and Idaho. Falling Creek has given me an incredible gift of kayaking that has connected me with so many friends and mentors. After hike I hope to continue kayaking and pushing myself to try bigger and harder rivers. Additionally I hope to keep exploring the amazing world we live in and utilise the many natural wonders with been given. It’s sad to think my time with falling Creek is coming to a close. My time with FCC has been nothing short of amazing and I would attribute some of my best memories to these expeditions. I’m glad I got to spend my last year in such a beautiful place in complete isolation. The kayaking has been great with big water all down the river. Being with this group has been spectacular. The food, guides and camping experience is like nothing i’ve ever experienced before this has truly been the trip of a lifetime and it something I’ll never forget. The people I’ve gotten to know better as well as the ones I’ve known for a while have been one of the best parts of the trip. I honestly think the friendships I’ve made through these expeditions are some of my best. Few things have made such a positive impact on my life the way Falling Creek has. 

So there you have it, some great blogs by the kids and one life changing trip.