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I’ve been paddling in Northern Quebec for the past 3 weeks and paddling the Ottawa for a total of 9 weeks this summer. I used the Antix on almost every run we did, some of which were the Upper Valin, Shipshaw, Jacque Cartier, Malbaie, and the Seven Sisters of the Rouge. I loved the Antix on every one of those rivers. I even ran my first 30 foot waterfall in an Antix on the Malbaie River!

Here are a few of the reasons I love the Antix:

1. It’s awesome, no matter what river you’re on.

Whether you’re on your local class 2 section or firing up the Green River Narrows, you’ll love the Antix. It can boof over massive holes, yet, squirt up in an eddy line like a dream! It’s the perfect boat for almost everything!

Photo by- Eli Chilton, Rapid- Unnamed 30 footer, River- Malbaie

2. Never worry about what boat to take any more.

You’ll never have to pick one boat over another boat anymore. You can grab the Antix and have a blast on every run you do. Either play around in waves and holes or run tough sections of river in the same boat!

Photo by Tonatiuh Linares, Rapid- The Crack, River- Valin

3. You can playboat in it, (kinda).

If you’re a freestyle paddler, you’ll love this boat too! You can loop, spin, cartwheel, blunt, airscrew, back blunt and so much more. Of course, you won’t be able to Phonix Monkey or Wave Money in it, but you sure can have fun in it either way!

Photo by Cat Hardman, Rapid- Honeypot Falls, River Valin

These are some of the reasons I love it! Head to your local dealer and demo one today to see why you love it too!

See you on the River,

Bryce Aaron
Instagram- @bryce.aaron
Facebook- Bryce Aaron