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In early september, I gathered with some of my friends to run one of my favorite rivers, the Upper Yough. I had gotten my antix that summer, and I felt that it was the perfect time to take it out of a test ride on this perfect river on this perfect day. I was super stoked on the car ride up to the river, and imagining how the boat would do. When we got there, my dad, my sister (It was her first time down, yay!), and I met up with Hector Picart, Hunter Vincent, Lee Vincent, Tim Vincent, Abby Holcombe, Peter Holcombe, Ava Christensen, and Pennsylvania local Mikey Konopka, then, after gearing up and exchanging vibes of excitement, put on a headed on downstream.
It is impossible to ask for a better creek-play boat than the Antix. It could make every move and then some: it could play! One thing that stood out to me the most about this boat was its resurfacing speed. In any other boat, if I punched a hole, it would take a second or two for it to resurface and head downstream. This is not the way of the Antix. When I would punch a hole, it would be on the surface of the water and screaming out of that hole with all the speed it came in with before I even blinked water out of my eyes. Boofing was a dream, too. Because of the slicy stern, it allowed the boat to boof easily, and even over-boof!
Splats and squirts are a huge part of this boat’s resume as well. Every time I would go vertical, it was as easy and effortless as a playboat, so much so that I had to remind myself the stern was longer, haha! This, along with Mikey showing me new playspots and slots made me very happy. Another great part of this boat is its forgiveness. On one of the rapids, National falls, there is a five-foot boof over a nasty hole. I clipped too much of a rock on the boof and spun during the boof, landing backwards. This is the most well-known and most common way to be pulled back into the hole and get absolutely wrecked. However, the with the Antix, I was able to swiftly pivot out of the bad spot and paddle away, which had me thanking the boat dearly. All in all, the boat was amazing in every way, and I continue to love this boat. The Antix is the boat that can do everything.

Here is the link to a video I made about that trip:

– Ethan Frangenberg