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Most people I know do not particularly like this time of year. Aside form the holidays which most do enjoy, they hate the cold, dreary weather and everything else winter stands for. I, however, absolutely love the Southeast in the winter. Mainly because of the rain and the rivers we get to enjoy. The creeks and rivers that don’t typically rise in the summer and warmer months are my most favorite ones to be on. This time of year also sparks a season of time with great and fun friends that make the entire river experience an adventure. I can certainly tolerate the cold when I have all of that to look forward to. So to mark this time of year in which we slip into Winter I’ve written a little ditty..

Winter is coming
and I will be running
the water all white
for it has me hunting
the gauges, the pages,
Do I have my playlist?
Cuz music is life
when the stoke’s running high.

We’re driving all night,
we’re up at first light.
I get down my boat
and make that big hike,
up to the put in,
nerves behind my grin,
just need that water
and I’ll settle down.

Go boofing, go goofing
our way down the river.
Is my GoPro proofing?
Is it getting my stickers?
Run or will I walk?
Don’t give it too much thought.
Just do it, I knew it
Good strokes, good job.

And when we’ve had our fill
at the end of the day
our bones will be chilled
but we like it that way.
Thankful for the gods
that bring us the rain
that fills up the rivers
so that we may play.

Happy boofing!