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Cold Weather paddling
Up here in the frozen tundra you have to be at least a little accepting of the cold weather. Being that over half of our year is spent below freezing. Now, this article is not a chest bumping rattle cry to go out and fish in temps that could normally not sustain life, it is intended to provide you some simple tips to maintain safety while on the water.
The first and most important tip I can give about cold water paddling is to simply NEVER paddle alone. Over the winter, it can be very easy to grab your kayak and head out for a “quick paddle” but it is more important than ever to prepare for the elements and to think before you act. Having a buddy system in place is the most important plan you can create, having someone on the water can honestly be the difference between life and death. Even the most experienced paddlers can have a wrong move or pull on the water, and fall into the water. Getting out of the water and warm quickly is the most important thing when dealing with cold water safety.
It is a very important to not go out on water without thinking and without having the property gear. A dry suit is a very expensive investment but when you are going out on these types of conditions you have to understand that the correct equipment could save your life, such as the Stolhquist EX dry suit.
Please remember to be safe out there on the water, not matter what time of year, but especially in the winter. This is a great sport we are all into, but if we do it safely, we can all enjoy it.