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When people ask me how long I’ve been kayaking, I tell them about 10 years . . . but, the other day I stopped and actually added up the years in my head and it’s been almost 18 years!  

A lot has happened in 18 years.  I went from being the paddler that would swim if I ever flipped over without my nose plugs, to the paddler who went out seeking big ‘park ’n hucks’ and crazy adventures to share the spotlight with all the other paddlers pushing their skills, to the paddler who loves pushing skills, yet enjoys the moments and experiences with her best friends on the water more than anything.

What a journey . . . It kind of makes my head spin when I think of all the amazing experiences I’ve been fortunate to be a part of.  My satisfaction and drive went from “how big can I go” to “how much fun can I have”.  Here are a few photos I wanted to share with you through my journey.  They cover some of my highest hucks, unforgettable jungle adventures, and paddling the North Fork of the Payette with “besties” . . . 

When people say, “oh, you’ve matured!” . . . I used to always roll my eyes.  However, now I get it . . . I don’t get out as often as I used to, nor do I chase those crazy adventures and big waterfalls as often as I used to.  But, I am in love with kayaking SO much more than I ever have been and I’m having more FUN than I ever thought possible.  And, I’m enjoying the sport so differently than I have in the past.  

Here is WHY paddling continues to be a part of my life:  I do it to spend time with friends.  I do it to enjoy Nature!  I do it to get exercise!  I do it to stay mentally sharp!  I DO IT FOR ME!

You might not see me hucking big waterfalls as often, but rest assured . . . you will see me with as big of a smile at the take-out, than you would in the pool below that waterfall  ☺

What is your WHY?  Trust me, it just keeps getting better!


Heather Herbeck