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It is a sad day when you have to utter these words in the North East region of the US… “Seems Top Water Season is over”. UGH! I didn’t even like typing that. As much fun as top water fishing is, the end of it doesn’t have to be the end of your fishing season here in the Northeast. Here are a few of my favorite baits to use in the fall and early spring to make sure that the bite stays as hot as the middle of July.

Yes, I do fish year round here in NY, and yes, it can be hard sometimes to find open water. But I am addicted and I am ok with it. When I hit the water from October to April there are three baits that are always tied on for me. The first one, the Spinner Bait with a small swim bait trailer. The Spinner bait is always tied on for the fact that no matter how cold the water is, those larger pike and bass are always looking for that big hit, and these baits allow me to cover more ground without the noise of my summer time favorite, the Chatterbait.

The Second bait is a relatively new find for me, the NedRig. With this option I am able to get deeper in the water and keep a smaller profile, making the bait more attractive to cold small mouth. I also love the NedRig option as I can attach multiple different types of plastics to the mushroom head, for whatever look I am trying to go after.
And last but never least, probably my favorite bait ALL year long, the brush headed jig. Yeah you heard right. I use this jig year around on rock piles and ledges. The time of year only determines HOW and where I throw it.
Trying these three baits will allow you, in my opinion, to have the best possible chance out on those cold water days. And just remember, Top Water Season is just around the corner.
Tight Lines
Justin Hausner