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When folks from out of state think about fishing in Alabama, they probably think about Lake Guntersville, on the Tennessee River. That is understandable, as that body of water is famous for giving up huge sacks to the BASS pros over the years. However, due to size, traffic, and access, it can be an intimidating experience for an angler who is unfamiliar with it, especially if that angler is sitting in a kayak.

Just over Sand Mountain, there is another lake. One that is smaller, less traveled, and loaded with easy access points for a kayak angler. Neely Henry Lake is an impoundment of the Coosa River. Yes, THAT Coosa. While there are some wide areas, it is much more riverine than a lake like Big G. This means a couple of important things for a kayak angler. It means that you seldom have to make a long paddle from an access point, and the fish will behave certain ways depending on generation schedules.

An angler can find pretty much any type of water they like. Want to shoot docks? Like banging wood? Want to fish ledges? Is buzzing grass your thing? Punching thick weeds sound appealing? Its all here! There are plenty of largemouth to be had, but if you have been following fishing for any time, you know that the Alabama spotted bass is the target for the Coosa chain. If you would like to learn some specifics about the lake check out

The lake/river flows right through the middle of Gadsden, Alabama. Making this a great destination trip for an angler and their entire family. You will find plenty of things to keep you busy, during the time that you aren’t on the water. Noccalula Falls Park is not to be missed. If you would like to check out all of the extras the area has for your family hit this link.

If you decide to give Neely Henry a shot, there is an active kayak fishing club, that calls it home. The Coosa River Kayak Anglers has been getting together for several years now. You never know someone may be available to show you around.