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When it comes to whitewater kayaking we often time focus on the hardest rapids, the tallest waterfalls, the bigger tricks, the highest scores, the fastest line…but paradoxically what makes whitewater kayaking so special isn’t necessarily whitewater itself. Of course it provides great sensation and adrenaline but what makes kayaking so much better is the places it takes you and the amazing people it brings into your life. Because you have to rely on each other on the river, set safety for one another, you pretty much trust your paddling buddies with your life. They will do whatever they can to get you out of trouble and you would do the exact same. And this usually creates really strong friendships. Way beyond the whitewater itself there, as cheesy as it might sounds is no such thing as experiencing beautiful rivers with some of your best friends. 

Located on the North Island of New Zealand Tree Trunk Gorge has a special place in my heart. Every time I have dropped in that canyon it brought me so much joy. Every time I was mind blown by the beauty of this place. It’s just one seal launch and two drops, but it always took me a while to paddle down. Every time I have spent hours sitting in eddies, just appreciating the landscape. 

Video and photo credit: Graeme Murray / RedBull Content Pool