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When the bite gets tough there is nothing more reliable than the wacky senko. The slow falling action of the worm is something bass can’t seem to resist. That’s why you’ll never catch me on the water without my wacky hooks and O-ring tool. Many people know about rigging a worm wacky but I’m surprised that so few people use O-rings to wacky rig. We all know worms can get expensive fast and one way to prevent running through a pack of worms is using an O-ring. Sometimes I’ve used the same worm all day when using the O-ring. It’s fast and easy to rig. All you need is the O-ring tool, some O-rings and a wacky hook. I generally use Gamakatsu 2/O hooks when wacky rigging. Sometimes I might use weedless if I’m in a lot of cover or a weighted wacky hook if I want to fish a little deeper.
To rig a wacky worm using the O-ring, simply place your worm in the tool and slide the O-ring around the worm. Then thread the hook point under the O-ring and now you have a wacky rig that could last a lot longer than simply putting the hook through your worm.

– Brandon Sorg