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The Maury River in Goshen Pass is a stretch of river I have been wanting to paddle for a long time. We have made it up there 3 times so far this winter and I am really having fun up there in the mountains.

We have been there at flows between 1000cfs and 2000cfs and am excited for higher flows and the race coming up soon.

This class III/IV run is awesome with slots to run and fun boofs, surfing and splats. I’ve heard of people running this section way low and super high so the window for paddling Goshen Pass is big.

No surprise here but I bring the medium Antix to this river every time. It is the perfect boat and easy to paddle in the Class IV.

There is people paddling this section almost the whole time it runs. It seems to be very popular and I can understand why. I have a blast there and can’t wait to go back ASAP!