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I made it down to Veracruz again this year for warm weather, tacos, tequila, and kayaking.
It’s so amazing to take a break from freezing temperatures and head south to spend some time padding the amazing rivers that Mexico has to offer.
So why don’t more people paddle in Mexico? Money? Time off from work? Sickness?

This year I booked my flights in August for my trip in January, having everything set that far in advance I was able to get round trip airfare for $280 to Mexico City from Nashville.
(Shoutout to Southwest! They fly kayaks!)
Rental Car + Hostel at Adventurec was $240, throw in some random trips to Tlapacoyan for tacos and beer and you can make a week in Mexico a very cheap vacation.

Then there are the rivers! We had low water this year so we were not able to do the Jalacingo River.
When we landed we did laps on the Big Banana section as well as training for the Al Seseca Race on the Roadside Section.

Another amazing thing that happened this year is that Martha and I didn’t get sick.
We didn’t eat very much of the local food, one night we went and did a taco tour of Tlapacoyan but that was it.
The year prior we ate in town every other night and tried too much of the local food, I picked up a bug and was sick for 8 days when we got back to the states.
All in all, when you get the chance, go to Adventurec and paddle in Veracruz. You can get some amazing whitewater paddling in the winter months when it’s hard to find the motivation back home in the cold!

If you need any logistical planning or help with any travel bet in Mexico, shoot me an email at