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The rivers are high the weather is good, and we are ready to go kayaking. After a long winter in the Sierra Nevada’s, the mountains are coated in a thick layer of snow. Slowly by surely, as the blanket is melting off, rivers and creeks are emerging and so are the boaters.
BoofSticksDoTricks: We are not much, just a few kids that love to kayak. Now I know what your thinking why the name? What does it even mean? To be very honest I don’t think any of us really know the answer to those questions. I can say however, we are a small group of weird teenagers that really can’t afford to get to the river, but somehow, we always show up at the put in ready to BoofSticks&DoTricks. You can checkout our adventures and shenanigans on Instagram!
So far 2019 has been an epic year! We have been trying hard to get on new, more challenging runs around the Sacramento area. However, it’s not all missions back t back for us, we have been training consistently on a section of the South Fork American River called Kyburz. This run is almost perfect for stepping your game up into more technical runs. Big holes and big boofs scattered everywhere throughout the river make this run one of my favorite playgrounds.
This year I have decided to miss the Colorado tour and keep my focus set on California. I love all aspects of whitewater kayaking and playboating is perhaps one of my favorites. I know, the Colorado Tour is the perfect place for playboating every day, however I don’t like the aspect of competition. I feel even though we are all friends, family, and team members, competition drives us apart and forces us to compare ourselves to others. As a person and a kayaker, I would much rather enjoy a beautiful day running a section of river or hanging out at the Reno Whitewater Park joking around with rad folks. In the end its all for the love of the river and the adventure it can take you on.
This summer I am setting my focus on progressing my skills in my creek boat. The Jackson Kayak Nirvana has treated me well threw the season so far, and I am excited to see where our adventures take us next. Here is a little recap video from the last few months paddling around the West Coast with BoofSticksDoTricks.