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French rivers are no Little White Salmon or North Fork of the Payette. I come from a country which doesn’t have many clean drops or big water. We have good cheese and real bread though ! Our whitewater isn’t the best and the paddling season is pretty short but we still have some amazing rivers. Not being able to compete in the US this year was definitely a tough hit. It’s always hard to stay on the side lines. But it is what it is and it also allowed me to spend more time exploring my backyard and catch up with old friends. 
Earlier this spring I went paddling the Upper Tarn with my friend Léo. Water levels were on the low side of good but we were hitching to go kayaking on something else than the slalom artificial course in Pau so we took a little last minute road trip to the Cevennes mountain range. We drove on small roads through some old little villages, waited at the café while we were doing the shuttle, started the day with fry baguette and a croissant…So yes this is no Ldub, Cataract of the Kern or North Fork Payette. It is not the best whitewater in the world but it’s pretty damn good. This is where I come from and where I belong. If I have spent the last coupe years travelling to paddle on the very best whitewater this world has to offer, this is where I will always come back to. This is the Haut Tarn and this is France.