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For me, and many other whitewater kayakers, the extremesport week at Voss is an annual thing we’re not willing to miss. I’ve already lost count on how many times I’ve been.
This year, Veko was hosting the European championship. This meant there was even more kayakers than usual arriving in the small town of Voss.

For me, the first few days of Veko is when I get to go out, and paddle some of the bigger stuff in the area. Lucky for me the lower Myrkdalen was in. One of my absolute favorites.

Thursday is race day at Veko. And this year, it was also the European Championships. I’ve always entered this race with high expectations to myself. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself to perform well, but never really had much success. This year, I was having a different approach. I was trying to stay calm, focus on my boating and not necessarily on the result.

After making it into the finals I am very pleased to finish on a 9th place in a stacked field. I guess the switch of focus worked out.

The rest of the week is just pure fun. Padling the beautiful rivers around Voss with good friends. Watching the today’s video and catching some good concerts at night. All in all another great year!

Photos: Sergey and Olav Aga

– Oddbjørn Flaa