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Here in Southern Idaho, we don’t really have much in the way of creeks and runnable waterfalls. Most of our rivers are bigger and relatively high volume. I guess that’s why for a few weeks during the spring and fall, many of the locals drive out to the small town of Buhl, Idaho to run Deep Creek!

Deep Creek is a small, narrow creek. The water contains a lot of agricultural runoff and is not something you want to accidentally consume. And unless you catch the run at high flows, there is some mank.  But it also contains two waterfalls and several really high quality creek rapids that are unique to the area. So when it comes in, it’s something to be excited about.

I managed to log three laps down Deep Creek this autumn. In the video below, I caught the run with higher flows and enjoyed watching some youngsters enjoy their first time down the run. Check it out!

I hope something is flowing near you during this fall season.

-Micah Kneidl