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Shortly after Feather Fest there seems to be a loss of water here on the west coast. Although there are few runs flowing we are blessed with two releases a year on Pit 1. The release is two weekends in October on beautiful and scenic run. This is a great run for anyone who paddles class III and wants to step up their game and run a waterfall. The run starts with some enjoyable flat water. Shortly after you can run some class II. About halfway down this run is the main attraction, Pit River Falls. This is a 30 foot waterfall with a bit taller lead in. For those not looking to run the waterfall should find on river right a very friendly slide. Which is run right down the middle. (scout river right)

River left also is an enjoyable section. With the name fish ladder, kayakers can easily lap this drop. (Lead in run left of rooster tail and left or middle of drop) The Fish ladder is great place to practice freewheels but note it is shallow and very possible to piton. Going back to the main falls you can enter middle down the shoot and ideally want to go off the middle/right of the falls tucking and submerging. (bring someone who knows the lines) NOTE: I would not Boof this waterfall. After playing at the falls your have some fun Class III downstream. You will take out at the BLM Pit River Campground. Your can also camp here for the weekend for about $8 dollars a night. So if ever in the area I would highly recommend taking a trip to the pit for a great friendly weekend. (This river is also rafter friendly) let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions!

-Submitted by Vance Harris