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I have discovered the new best thing for my fellow hibernating kayakers. Yoga for paddlers. I call this kayak yoga… Kayoga! There is some sort of special bond between a paddler and their boats. I know I am not the only kayaker missing my kayak over the winter. Well I have found a new way to spend some quality time with my kayaks in the cold winter months. I call it, KAYOGA. It’s like Yoga, but better.

Here are some of my favorite beginner poses:

  1. 2.
    3.Paddlers Kayak Yoga - KAYOGA
    4.Paddlers Kayak Yoga - KAYOGA5.

And for the practiced kayogies out there, these are for you:
1.Paddlers Kayak Yoga - KAYOGA

Paddlers Kayak Yoga - KAYOGA

Paddlers Kayak Yoga - KAYOGA


Paddlers Kayak Yoga - KAYOGA

Boom. Paddlers kayak yoga! Kayoga. Try It. Oh and post your attempts on social media and use the hashtag #KayogaChallenge and mention Jackson Kayak.

Want some more more ideas for keeping in awesome kayak shape in the offseason?

Maintenance off of the water- stretching out the spine