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I love my Antix. I especially love creeking in it. People always ask me why I choose it over my bigger boats and I have a few reasons.
First of all, the Antix is very nimble. I love how fast I can change my direction. On multiple occasions, being in my Antix has kept me out of some serious trouble. If im heading toward a hazard that I didn’t see before, I can change my path with one stroke. If you are someone who has a hard time controlling bigger boats you may want to think about getting an Antix. It really does help develop boat and edge control.

Why I Creek In My Antix

I also like paddling my Antix because it can make some of the easier, boogie rapids a little more interesting. You can stern stahl through the flat water and splat rocks along the way. It’s a perfect balance between a playboat and creekboat.

Why I Creek In My Antix

The slicy stern also makes quick maneuvers much easier. One time I was running my home creek, when a friend got pinned. I glanced back and was able to pull off to a micro eddy in seconds. This allowed me plenty of time to get up to him and help.

If you choose to creek in your Antix, be sure to sit up tall with good posture. Think about pushing your hips and weight forward over the bow to make sure the drops can’t catch your stern. This keeps you from getting back endered or caught in a hole. And get in your Antix enough, and you will have a killer six pack!

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