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-Submitted by Jason Smith

The Smith family was lucky enough to meet up with the northeast JK sales rep, Rob, and borrow the Antix 2.0 for a run on the Beaver river in upstate NY. Thank you Rob 🙂 We were able to demo a small and a medium. Most years the Beaver release is a crazy gathering of boaters from all over. It’s an extra special event because the Moshier section of the river has only 1 scheduled release per year…….This particular weekend is known by many as “BeaverFest!” This year there was probably half as many people due to Covid, but it was still a blast just different than years past. The Antix 2.0 delivers! It is nothing short of awesome. So impressed with the comfort, stability, how it squirts like a champ, and tracks and carves like a dream. Here’s our thoughts from being in the boat just one time and some river footage.