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With all plans flipped around we were at least blissed with ability to paddle in my part of Europe. Even just after the lock downs for the first time since I remember due to big storms it kicked off with sweet water levels for our rivers which does not happen very often!

Firstly we managed to get a bit of kayaking at Kamienna river in western Poland. We were supposed to go for chilled weekend at Białka tho when we were leaving we spotted water rising at Kamienna. Quickly swapped freestyle boats for creeks and went for a weekend to Kamienna.

Then with couple waves rising we spent time surfing and enjoying high water however while our most popular river Białka rocketed to record flows – we had to rally there.

Time has passed and we had our yearly training camp at Salza river in Austria where we train newcomers from Polish Academic Clubs and train them for WW III including whitewater technique, rescue, first aid, nods and ropes. ALl of it during two terms for 10 days which is always intensive but then it is great to come back next year and see them pushing to harder rivers using skills learned with us!

When the camp has came to an end we took a chance and went for Enns as it was blowing with good flows!This time we had nice flows and enjoyed the river with all that slice boat had to offer. Kummerbrucke section at Enns River is one of my favorite runs! While living in Wildalpen I’m lucky to call it home run despite not having too much time between coaching to run it! This time we had nice flows and enjoyed the river with all that slice boat had to offer.

On the other day we joined the beginners crew for Steyr run however my plan was different than to run a river. I came there for infamous Stromboding waterfall!

After that we started our small Alpine tour where we head first to Tirol and kicked off with Hintere Isel. Very nice section class II-IV with couple fun boof spots and all around playing features.

After Isel we drove over the mountains to valley of sun in northern region Val di Sole where flows famous Noce River that leads all the way into the canyon. Over two days we worked our way through kayak course there and down the river covering whole section. It is one of longest and most consistent class III runs with some spicy rapids aspiring for more lower you go! Definetly fun run with nice crew

After Noce we moved to Switzerland and as other rivers in area were low we gave a try to landquart located a bit of drive from our base in Eastern Switzerland. It was a continuous river with few main rapids where river was narrowing into tight small canyons sometimes surprising paddlers that let their guard down.

Another day in Switzerland led us to Inn river where we jumped at two sections named Giarsun and Ardez. Beatiful gorge with blue water and very fun whitewater!

On last days we came back to classic runs where we focused on technical paddling, picking lines and improving boofs while trying some challenging runs! Finally we ended up on the favorite Laussa Falls to practice at the small drop. Everything was fine until few adventures including looping of the stomp into landing in the cave! Fun lessons learned safe way.

Hopefuly you liked the videos and the article, let me know what you think of them!

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Photo: Ewa Tomasik @Toma.to_design