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Not many kayakers have explored the Pakistani rivers yet. David Sodomka is one of the few people that has been there already and he wanted to do it again! And we, five young folks, joined him and the trip started. David was our leader/daddy and we were the kids Matthias, Manu, Eirik, Yoran and me. I couldn’t wish for a better crew! The trip turned out to be an expedition and adventure from the first day on, was it on the water or off the water. Logistics, roads, food, everything isn’t as easy as in Europe obviously. But Pakistan is amazing! The people are incredibly friendly and always ready to help you. And the landscape was stunning as well, huge rivers making their way down the massive mountains of the Himalya.

Kayaking in Pakistan

We started our trip with some warm up paddling on the side rivers of the Indus. After that we went to our main mission, the Rondu Gorge! The section called Rondu Gorge is about 150 km long and the Indus gets pretty steep and fast. Luckily, the road is close most of the times and we didn’t have to carry our sleeping gear in the boat. With a lot of scouting, safety and portaging, we always spent a long time on the river and it took us seven days to finish the mission. After the seventh day we paddled out of the gorge with a huge feeling of relief, pride and happiness. The Rondu gorge is one of the sickest places for kayaking where I have ever been and I cant’t wait to go back! It is big, rowdy but also super fair and fun!

Kayaking in Pakistan

Thanks to David for organizing everything and thanks to all of the crew for being amazing!

Submitted by : Andi Brunner