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The Linville Gorge is a place unlike any other. This pristine section of river travels 17 miles through deep canyons with breathtaking cliffs overhead. The river is jam packed with tight and technical class V rapids that twist their way through house-sized boulders. Possible the most iconic feature of this unique run is the wilderness that immerses its visitors. Thanks to its steep and inaccessible slopes, some sections of the canyon contain patches of forest that have never been logged, an extreme rarity in the Southeastern United States. The area is also designated as a Wilderness Area which allows it to maintain its untrammeled form.

The rapids that define this section of whitewater are tight, steep, and technical. Many horizon lines contain a plethora of slots, most of which lead to catastrophe. Extensive scouting or a knowledgable guide is a must. Here are just a few of the many rapids in this epic gorge. Enjoy!


Paddler: Eliot Berz
Kayak: Jackson Kayak Nirvana Medium