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Submitted by Tommy Piros

One of my most favorite moves, especially in the new half-slice Antix 2.0 is a Skrew-Up. What makes this move so neat is that not only does it feel really good, It also keeps you from flipping over when your stern squirts go too much and is really useful when creeking or river running.

This move can easily be explained as a combat sweep-roll that is started when the boat is fully vertical and is completed before the boat falls to land upside down. This is also how you should visualize to do your first one. Assuming you are vertical; either from a self initiated stern squirt or from an unintentional back-ender from punching a hole. Most people will wait until they fully back-ender and are upside down to start the roll. Sometimes there can be a pause while you’re back-endering at mid stern stall. If you are running a rapid and this happens and you wait till you are fully upside down to start the roll, that may have been enough time to push you into something else that can work you.

The Skrew-Up has helped me very many times while running rapids to save a back-ender and not have to flip. They are also a very fun, “feel-good-trick” and should be enjoyed by all! Get out there and screw something up!