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American Whitewater (AWA) has been knocking it out of the park this year with regards to their focus on river safety. This is above and beyond all of the amazing work that they do protecting rivers in the United States as part of their day job.

In May of 2021 AWA teamed up with NRS to release a Responsibility Code for Paddlers called “Paddle Wise” – it is a fantastic framework that lays out 7 concepts that all paddlers (whitewater, flatwater, fisherfolk) should be thinking about.

River Safety Resources That We All Need When Paddling

In addition to that, they have just released two fantastic river safety videos that need to be watched by everyone this winter:

1) Planning and preparing for a river trip / Basic whitewater safety:

2) At the river and on the water / Basic whitewater safety:

They are both under ten minutes long and really informative – great for a beginner to watch and a winter re-fresh for the more experienced paddler.

River Safety Resources That We All Need When Paddling

River safety is a collective responsibility. We are all between swims – even the fisherfolk, and need to be able to count on our personal safety skills and those of the people that we paddle with. Take a minute this winter to continue your safety journey!

River Safety Resources That We All Need When Paddling

Oh, and if you live in North America and aren’t a member of America Whitewater, then take a minute and become a member – they do amazing things to protect and restore America’s whitewater rivers and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely. (

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