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How to Mcnasty:

The Mcnasty is probably one of my favorite tricks to do in a hole feature, although being honest…I love them all. The ICF defines a mcnasty as at least 150° horizontal angle rotation or half a barrel roll flowing into a front loop or space Godzilla, basically a 180 degree front flip. Here is how to mcnasty:

Step 1: Get into a back blast

Start in a side surf in the trough. Then turn your shoulders down stream and engage your right paddle blade into a back sweep to get your boat into the back blast. At the same time, push your feet down to get your bow under the foam pile.

Photo 1: side surf in trough
Photo 2: boat in back blast

Step 2: Paddle placement

Once in a back blast, switch paddle blades and put your left blade in the water at your toes to pull your boat around until you are facing upstream. As you engage the pull stroke, push your feet down to put weight on the bow.

Photo 3: Pulling stroke in at toes

Step 3: Pulling stroke and body position

Make sure your paddle is in an upright position and in the water the entire time until your shoulders are square upstream. You don’t need to pull hard here but keep a constant pressure during this step. While doing this, look over your right shoulder and your boat will rotate around to face upstream.

Photo 4: Pulling stroke in water and looking over shoulder as boat turns upstream

Step 4: The loop

When you are almost facing upstream, you want to jump and throw a loop. When throwing the loop make sure to kick your feet out hard and use your loop stroke to help land your boat straight.

Photo 5: Looping and kicking feet away hard to land boat straight

Patients and timing is key with this trick. Keep your pull stroke in the water until your shoulders are squared to upstream before you throw the loop. During the loop, make sure you are letting your boat rise out of the water to get air on the loop. Once you figure out the timing with this trick, you can get really big air on the loops or go for a space godzillas. The mcnasty is a super fun trick to learn to add variety to your bag of tricks. Hope this helps you get your mcnasties.

The footage below is an example of a mcnasty in each direction, check it out:

Catch you on the river!