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The Antix 2.0 is no doubt one of the hottest boats in the Jackson Kayak lineup and I often get asked to borrow either my medium or small. A Long Creek, South Carolina local, Alma Alberghini, AKA “Scooter” took my medium out a number of times to the Tallulah River and the Chattooga River (Class IV-V rapids) to see if this is the boat for her.

Watch the full interview to get Scooter’s thoughts and opinions on testing out the antix 2.0 for her first time.

YouTube Link:

Key Moments:
Initial thoughts of the boat: Really like how it ferries, faster than the 1.0, boofs well.
Catching eddies: really fun to find and catch small eddies
Knee position: higher and more aggressive compared to the 1.0
Running rapids: Can get creative, turns really well, and allows you to change your angle very quickly
Boofing: “Boofs like a dream!”
Creeker over the 2.0: When there are really big, retentive holes
Ferrying: Super responsive, can look where you want to go and it just goes
Sizing: Crystal breaks down her size and what she paddles and Scooter breaks down her size and why she would go with a medium