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Jackson’s new creek boat offering for the 2023 season is shipping NOW in medium at most Jackson whitewater dealer locations!

For immediate release:

Tennessee, September 2nd, 2022 – Jackson Kayak is excited to announce our latest whitewater kayak – the Gnarvana. With over 5 years between core creek boat designs Jackson took advantage of a top team of creek boat paddlers and developed an innovative and user friendly down river offering to replace their Nirvana.  The longevity of the Nirvana came from its ease to paddle, something Jackson try to make a staple in their designs:  A unique focus at helping users push thier own limits, without compromising safety and comfort on the river. The Gnarvana is a combination of confidence inspiring design that enables ease with advanced creek moves, speed and maneuverability. It will be available in 3 Sizes!

“For the past decade Jackson has continued to gauge, analyze and dream what would the perfect creek boat could do?” highlights Emily Jackson, Whitewater Brand Manager. “We took input from our team, dealers, our consumers and core designers to create a kayak that is forward thinking, innovative and ridiculously fun to paddle. All without compromising on user friendliness.

About the Gnarvana

The Gnarvana will be coming to the market with an all new rocker profile by whitewater design legend, David Knight and design team (Dane Jackson, Nick Troutman, Clay Wright, Stephen Wright, Colin Kemp and Emily Jackson.) The team will be introducing a new high rocker profile with width and length that contributes to keeping the bow dry, hull stable and not only manueverable but zippy and playful. The team working with Knight ensured that the end result would be a kayak that is drier, very maneuverable in and out of current, and with a secondary stability that aids in creek and river running progression for beginners to advanced paddlers.

“The way the Gnarvana is fast yet extremely easy to paddle, makes me certain this will be my race boat in 2023” – Hayden Voorhees 2022 North Fork Championships Winner

“The Gnarvana has a unique blend of being extremely forgiving as well as being dynamic and playful. I’ve had it on my home run of the North Fork Payette, smaller volume of the Ashlu and true big water of the Stikine. The Gnarvana wasn’t just good on each run, it excelled in every style of whitewater. ” – Alec Voorhees

“Whether on the Stikine or the LDub, this boat continually blows my mind. Even though this kayak is the best weapon for me to handle the hardest whitewater, it is also the most joyful kayak I have every experienced.” – Dane Jackson – He’s Okay at Kayaking

“Holy… I’ll write more soon but all I can say right now is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Chris Korbulic – Factory Team Paddler and Expedition Leader

“Having this boat in 3 SIZES has me excited to get personal first descents and approach new runs! The Small will be our biggest small to help the ladies and anyone in the 120- 155 pound range feel confident and in control when approaching any whitewater.” – Emily Jackson Brand Manager

“With the rocker profile, stability and volume placement, I feel invincible in this boat.” – Nick Troutman Factory Team Paddler and First Descent Paddler for many classic Mexican runs.

About Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak was founded in 2004 and currently resides in Sparta, Tennessee with over 150 employees.  Jackson Kayak immediately became a leading Whitewater brand, then quickly evolved into the recreational and fishing kayak sectors. Jackson has since expanded their high-end kayak product line to include Orion Coolers and Kennels.  These initiatives have Jackson Kayak reaching an ever-broadening array of outdoor enthusiasts world-wide. Jackson Kayak remains a family owned and operated company today and continues to be a Made in USA manufacturer supporting the local economy in Tennessee.

For more information, interview scheduling and additional photos and video please contact James McBeath, or 613..256.0598.