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submitted by Adam Swett 


Wilson Creek is a federally designated Wild and Scenic River with Class III IV rapids and it is so awesome!

I took my Nirvana over there on Memorial Day weekend this year to meet some friends from Asheville but quickly met new friends and after some convincing them I wouldn’t hold them up we set shuttle and were on the river for as many laps as we could get.

Nirvana on Wilson Creek

The large amount of campers there on Memorial Day weekend was a big surprise for me after getting lost and ending up in a huge parking lot full of off trail motorcycle/atv enthusiasts. The dirt bikers helped me get un lost but when I pulled up to some police and people handing out trash bags I still didn’t understand.

Nirvana on Wilson Creek

Later in the one of many runs I made the connection that there were so many people in the gorge that day that the volunteer just wanted campers to clean up and the police were there on patrol to enforce parking and crowd control. Crowds aren’t my scene but this day was basically amazing.

Nirvana on Wilson Creek

The creek was running +3” which for me is low-medium and essentially perfect. The sun was shining, the Nirvana was shredding and the group I was with were showing me new moves and boofs and moving along quickly ending up with 3 laps and after getting asked to move my car by the police I was out of there. I’d still go back when it is crazy busy but can’t wait to go this winter when it’ll be just kayakers and bikers.

If I had a choice out of any of the area Class III IV creeks this is where I’d paddle. It would be Wilson Creek Gorge. It’s so beautiful over there. I also love the Nirvana for it’s stability and speed but really am excited to get into and paddle a Gnarvana. Maybe soon I’ll see you out there!