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Fear. Out of skydiving, scuba diving, shark diving, snowboarding, surfing, caving, biking, skateboarding and everything else I’ve taken a moment in my life to enjoy, kayaking is the biggest mental challenge I’ve taken on out of every extreme sport. I have dealt with my share of loss, scares, failures, and injuries in this sport, even with my own drowning. Even with all that experience, I’m constantly working through and re-evaluating my relationship to fear. I’m still growing too. That said, I think it’s a solid start for tackling the fear issue that we all have to deal with in every aspect of life, but especially in kayaking. My sincerest hope is that this will help you have a more healthy dialogue within yourself about the fear you’ll inevitably feel at some point, so you can make better choices for yourself and take on those bigger dreams and goals the mental blocks and fears may be keeping you from. Who knows, maybe it’ll help you in other areas of life too, it’s certainly helped me in every aspect of my own.

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