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Learn to SET UP IN THE HOLE by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

Setting Up In The Hole at the back of the foam pile to set up for a trick is one of the most important skills to master. All tricks require a specific set up. A good example is a loop. If you are in the sweet spot for the move, which in that case is the middle of the hole with the boat moving forward from the top of the foam pile while being flat and perpendicular to the seam line – you will have 10 out of 10 chances to do the trick and perhaps 6 of it will work. However, if you will try to do the trick without setting up and go from wherever you are – meaning you try to enter the Feature and plug in too close to the shoulder, start to low and have no time to get flat or perpendicular – in most cases you won’t be at the sweet spot and you will get only 4 out of 10 chances to do the trick where only one will be successful and in freestyle, it is practice practice practice practice. So, the more HIGH-QUALITY attempts you get in, the faster you will likely progress.

Ways to set up in the hole

  • Set up by carving
  • Set up by edging
  • Set up by spinning
  • Elevator Technique

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