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“Just one more stern squirt!”, I call out to my group, as they float by. We’re nearing the end of the river run. We’ve been playing our way down, surfing little waves, inventing new ferry challenges, splatting rocks, and of course, stern squirting. It’s a brisk mid-March day, and not exactly spring yet. My group is ready to get to their warm cars.
Stern squirting is one of my favorite ways to play down a river. My favorite kayaking is exploring new rivers and engaging with challenging rapids. But it’s not possible to do that every time. Some days the only way to get out is on a local classic I’ve done countless times. The Antix makes these days exciting. I focus on finding new lines, exploring new ferries, surfing small waves, and stern squirting.

By taking my Antix down rivers, I’m able to challenge myself and find ways to make even an old river new and fun again. I love the way the edges let you carve on waves, even just when front surfing. I’ve also found I’m able to get more vertical in the newer version, with less effort. It’s exciting to try to find the perfect edge for each unique eddy line, to get vertical without a heavy stroke. Though I admit that on cold days I’m also fond of finding the perfect “half squirt”, where you get the fun feeling of engaging your stern without going fully vertical. No risk of flipping in the frigid water that way!
The sun is starting to sink, the cars with warm clothes, puffy jackets, and heaters are just around the corner. My friends are already passed me. “Just one more stern squirt!” I call out again. ~Diane Brasuell (Gaydos)