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James River, Pipeline rapid

The space godzilla loop combo is one of my favorite combo tricks. It allows you to go big on 2 tricks in a row and score some fast points in a freestyle competition. Knowing how to space godzilla and loop are prerequisites to learning this combo. You can check out my blog on how to space godzilla located:

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Initiate Space Godzilla
Set up on the foam pile, stomp your feet down hard to initiate the bow to get as much air as possible to have more time in the air for the twist. It is important to keep your boat straight during this process by having a tight core and shoulders square to the feature.

Step 2: Jump
Make sure you stand up, jump high and fast with your body leaning forward as this will allow your boat to have the motion/energy to flow into the final loop.

Step 3: Body Position: Hand and Head
As your boat and hands are rising punch your left hand up and across your chest. You want to make sure your hand goes all the way across your body and doesn’t stop at your midline to get the twist/rotate. It is also important to stay ahead of your boat.

Step 4: Tuck-to-Unwind Transition and Foot Drive
During the unwind phase, keep pushing hard through your feet to drive your boat down and keep the momentum going into your final loop.

Step 5: Loop Stroke.
As you are unwinding to finish the loop part of the combo, use your loop stroke to pull your boat straight to finish.

Timing is key with this trick. You want to make sure you are jumping as high as you can leaning forward and finishing the space godzilla with enough momentum/energy to continue into the loop. Once you figure out timing for the combo, you can start linking tricks and creating other fun combo’s like space godzilla into cartwheel, etc. Hope this helps you get your space godzilla loop combo’s!

Catch you on the river!

Check out the example below: