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Learn to SPLITWHEEL by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

In ICF rules, we read, “Two consecutive ends at a vertical angle of between 45° and 100° linked together by at least a 160° horizontal rotation near the vertical point of the first end on the long axis.” In other words – Splitwheel is a shuvit with vertical ends! This is also where rotations kick in and freestyle starts to be fun in a new dimension! The first variation of the cartwheel to be learned.

Step by Step

  1. Start like a normal cartwheel.
  2. As the bow starts to drop, stand up, pushing down with your feet and hard on the paddle. Kick your bum around upstream rotating on the bow around the paddle.
  3. As the tail of your boat approaches upstream, chop it back into the oncoming water.
  4. Land as a cartwheel or continue cartwheeling on the other side.

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