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Learn to TRICKY WOO by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

3 consecutive 180° horizontal angle rotations. It begins with a splitwheel followed by a rotation on the stern at a vertical angle over 60° in the same direction as the first rotation of the splitwheel. The third end must be above a vertical angle of 45°. The entire sequence is performed using one paddle blade only. Tricky Woo is probably one of the most technical skills out the and really requires mastering the basics and intermediate moves properly in order to get a good technique on it. “Tricky woo was firstly done by Brendan Mark in a Dagger Ultrafuge (2m 31cm!). Tyler Curtis firstly invented Matrix (the second part of the move) and then Brendan did splitwheel into it. It was named that way to make fun of other silly names coming into the sport.”

Step by Step

  1. Start like a splitwheel.
  2. As the nose starts to drop, stand up and kick the bum around to upstream by pressing hard on the leading blade.
  3. As the tail of your boat approaches upstream chop it back into the oncoming water.
  4. As the tail starts to drop, pull on your blade and drive the leading hip into the green water.
  5. As the boat comes over the top, rotate your wrists and turn the pull stroke into a push stroke to smash the bow down for the third and last end of the trick.
  6. Finish by using the paddle to flatten the boat out or continue into more cartwheel ends

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