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Learn to SPACE GODZILLA by doing exercises in the video!

What is it?

An aerial loop with a 90º or greater rotation (twist) in the middle of the flip. Some of the most beautiful hole boating pictures are taken from kayakers doing Space Godzilla. It is also a newschool linking trick as you can use it as a finish off for more advanced tricks and smoothly continue into cartwheels, loop or other tricks

Step by Step

  1. Holding basic position push your feet hard to get your bow into the seam line under coming green water, have your leading hand slightly in the front.
  2. Once your boat gets vertical, lean back looking at the sky and throw your hands in the air.
  3. Put your leading blade on the opposite side and pull on it twisting your body towards it but keep the boat and hips straight upstream.
  4. Pulling on the leading blade, swing hard around the side of the boat with your whole upper body following rotation with your hips.
  5. Recover with a standard sweep roll to land upright.

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